New Canaan Television Channel 79
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What We Are

NCTV79 is New Canaan's Community Public Access Television Station. Check us out for up to date information on what is happening in town and for weekly programming from Town Hall, the Library, the Nature Center, Senior Men's Club, various churches and other public places of interest in New Canaan. NCTV79 is interested in your ideas for new programs.  If you would like to host a program or have an idea please contact us at Check out our website at for more information and live program streaming.

NCTV79 Broadcast Schedule

At 10am
The Inland Wetlands Commission meeting of 3/18
At 11pm and 7pm
The Town Council meeting of 3/20
At  2:30pm and 10:30pm
Reefer Sanity: Debunking the Myths About Marijuana
At  4pm
The Town Council meeting of  3/21

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