Youth Services
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What We Do

The mission of Youth Services is to help New Canaan youth and families to function optimally by developing programs and activities that address developmental needs, as well as helping youth and families obtain appropriate social services and resources. Directory of Activities and Services.

Contact Us

Main Number: 203-594-3076
Fax Number: 203-594-3132

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

Jacqueline D'Louhy, LCSW
Youth and Family Services Coordinator 

Vine Cottage
61 Main Street
New Canaan, CT 06840


The professional staff has a wide range of training and experience in the area of Social Work and youth and family services. The staff coordinates and offers free and confidential services for youth ages 0-21 and their families.

Services we offer include:

Counseling and Crisis Intervention
For New Canaan youth and families
Information and Referral
Services are available in the community for youth and their families
Community Networking
Programs designed to increase community awareness regarding youth-related issues
Parent Support
Provides short term counseling and linkage to treatment, educational groups and workshops to enhance parenting skills
Youth Support
Linking residents to youth programs designed to foster self-esteem and build resiliency skills in youths
General Assistance
Provides financial aid to eligible youth and families
Energy Assistance
Provides financial aid for home heating through a state program
Holiday Programs
Provide meals, gifts and additional support during the holiday season
Youth Adult Partnership Board - Click here for more infomation on the Board 
Facilitate youth and adults coming together to highlight the positive youth in the community and the learning from one another through hosting events that make a contribution to the community 

Services for Youth and Family

Information on Personal or Family Issues

New Canaan Youth Services - 203-594-3076
Infoline -  211
New Canaan Youth Officer -  203-594-3523
Alanon/Alcoholics Anonymous -  203-323-3115
American Red Cross -  203-966-1663
Catholic Family Services -  203-750-9711
Jewish Family Services -  203-921-4161
Center for Hope, Inc -  203-655-4693
Family & Children's Agency, Inc -  203-855-8765
Family Centers, Inc -  203-655-4693
New Canaan CARES, Inc -  203-966-7862
Person to Person -  203-655-0048
L.M.G. Program -  203-325-1511
Teen Crisis Hotline -  1-888-825-6777
Kids In Crisis Hotline -  203-327-KIDS (5437)
Domestic Violence Hotline -  1-888-774-2900
State Department Social Services (state assistance, adult medical, etc) -  203-251-9300
Women, Infants and Children (WIC) -  1-800-741-2142
Healthcare for UninSured Kids and Youth (HUSKY) -  1-877-CT-HUSKY (284-8759)

Drug and Alcohol Free Opportunities

CT Communities for Drug Free Youth -  203-838-3224
Outback Teen Center -  203-594-3075

Directory of Activities and Services

 For a list of  Directory of Activities and Services click here

Frequently Asked Questions

What services/resources are available for my youth or family?
When you visit or call Youth Services, we can give you information on health services, housing options, child care, legal aid, mental health counseling, financial assistance, and much more.

Are these services free and confidential?
Yes, but the staff of Youth Services are mandated reporters. The state law requires that if a mandated reporter has reasonable cause to suspect or believe that a child under the age of 18 has been abused, neglected or is placed in imminent risk of serious harm we must call the Department of Children and Families.

How do I apply for Fuel Assistance?
Call the Department of Human Services and schedule an appointment. The State Fuel Program runs from October 15 - March 15. We will ask you to bring in proof on income, assets, age and disability (if applicable). If you are over the income limit for the State Fuel Assistance Program we will have you apply for the local program.

How do I apply for subsidized housing in New Canaan?
Call the Department of Youth Services or call Phoenix Management at 203-324-2154 x16. Subsidized housing includes Canaan Parish, which has 60 units, Millport Apartments, which has 18 units, and Mill Apartments, which has 16 units. Final decisions rest with Phoenix Management per the appropriate subsidized housing regulations.

Do you take donations?
We do take donations of item only if we have a client who needs what you are donating at that time. Also, we gladly accept monetary donations to be put into our "Special Projects" fund. This fund allows the staff to discretionally assist a child or family (if eligible) with counseling costs, summer camps, utility bills, classes and other programs that they may not be able to afford otherwise.

Can I donate non-perishable food?
Interested residents can donate to the food pantry (used by Youth Services clients) organized through St. Mark's Church. To make donations please contact St. Mark's directly at 203-966-4515 or call Vine Cottage at 594-3076. Local churches and grocery stores also offer collection sites.

If I know of a child who is being abused, what do I do?
You can call the Department of Youth Services for guidance or directly report (anonymously or by name) to the State Department of Children and Families Hotline at 1-800-842-2288.

What type of Holiday Programs do you run?
We have programs that provide meals, gifts and support during the holiday season to families. These programs differ from year to year. For more information please call Youth Services.

I'm concerned that my child has a substance problem and I need a referral.Can you help with a referral?
Yes, we often assist families in effectively linking them up with appropriate referral sources. For more information please call the Department of Youth Services.

Can a teenager see a mental health professional without parental knowledge or permission?
Should a minor (under age 18) be interested in mental health treatment and notification of a parent or guardian would cause the minor to reject such treatment, a minor can see a licensed mental health professional for six sessions. After six sessions, notification or involvement of a parent or guardian is required to continue treatment, unless such a requirement would be seriously detrimental to the minor's well being.

What is the difference between the types of mental health professionals?
Psychiatrist: A medical doctor (M.D.) who is specialized in treating mental health problems. Psychiatrists can prescribe medications if needed.
Psychologist: Usually a doctoral level individual who has had specific number of years of supervised clinical training. A psychologist utilizes talking therapies and can perform testing evaluations.
Social Workers: Social Workers can be M.S.W. (masters level education in Social Work) or L.C.S.W. (Licensed Certified Social Worker) which is a masters level education in Social Work plus postmasters practice and supervision and the successful completion of a certification exam in social work practice.
Marriage and Family Therapist: Requires a minimum master level education with special training in working with couple and family issues. State certification is required.
Substance Abuse Counselors: Specializes in the treatment of alcohol or other drug problems. They are state certified as C.A.C (Certified Alcohol Counselor) or C.A.D.C. (Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor: Certification does not indication degree level.
Professional Counselor: Counselors can be M.A. (masters level education in Counseling) or L.P.C. (Licensed Professional Counselors) which is a masters level education in Counseling plus post masters practice and supervision and the successful completion of a certification exam in counseling practice.
Counselors: Counselors can include guidance counselors, and community counselors who have a masters level education.

Where can I go to find a job for my youth?
You can contact the New Canaan High School Career Center or the Connecticut Department of Labor Youth Employment website at

Who can I contact for legal assistance for my family or youth?
You can contact the Department of Youth Services or The Center for Children's Advocacy at 860-570-5253,