Youth Adult Partnership Board
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What is the Youth Adult Partnership Board?

This board is composed of youth and adults who come together with a common goal of making the New Canaan community a better place. Some recent examples of the Board's activities include the "Spring Fling" Senior Senior Prom which is held in the spring, holiday caroling for seniors each winter, sponsoring a Halloween party, providing YAPB volunteers at a variety of not for profit fundraising events such as; Parents night out at the Outback, HOOPS, and the St. Patrick's Day Dinner held by Kiwanis. These activities were a great success due in part to the hard work of NC youths and adults! The YAPB has received recognition for their efforts including awards for Outstanding Youth Group in 2005, and the YAPB received recognition for community service in 2006 and 2007 by the Volunteer Center. As well, the executive board of the YAPB was recognized with the 2007 Asset builder award for promoting Youth Development. 

How can I get involved on the YAP Board or its programs?

Many teens have referred themselves or have been recommended by a community member or a school staff member they know. All youth with an interest in participating are welcome. 

When do we meet?

We meet once a month at NCHS from 2:15-3:30 to discuss what is happening in the community and what can be done to create more social and community service options. 

Board Member Responsibilities:

Attending the monthly meetings at NCHS 2:15-3:30.
Being committed to occasional evening meetings to discuss and organize community service activities.
Learning about Youth Services and what it offers.
Helping to build strong relationships with youth and adults in the community.
Acting as a leader in your community and peer group.
TO HAVE FUN by using your creative ideas to come up with projects and activities!!! 

Mission Statement: 

To build caring and trusting relationships between New Canaan's Youth and adults by creating partnerships between them.
To promote, recognize and celebrate Assets and character development in New Canaan youth programs.
To bring awareness to our community that young people are doing great things every day.
To help strengthen the community by linking adults and youth who are doing volunteer work either as individuals or organizations together, so that they might work side by side on various projects.
To help our community to view young people not as recipients of services or as a problem to be dealt with, but as active partners and resources in building community.

This board is organized through the New Canaan Youth Services.

For more information you can contact Mary Pomerantz at 203-594-3080 or Jacqueline D'Louhy at 203-594-3081