First Selectman's Office
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      First Selectman
    Kevin Moynihan 

Town Hall, 2nd Floor
77 Main Street                       
New Canaan, CT 06840
Phone: (203) 594-3000
Fax: (203) 594-3123

Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:00 AM-4:00 PM

Kevin Moynihan's Biography

The First Selectman, as the Chief Executive, is responsible for the procurement and administration of all functions and services required by the Town Charter. The Board of Selectmen, collectively, initiates all budget requests and appropriations, acts as purchasing agent for the Town, and approves all non elected appointments to Boards, Commissions and Committees.

The Administrative Officer assists the First Selectman with these duties and provides administrative assistance to the other two Selectmen and all Boards and Commissions as may be required. The Administrative Officer also acts as Secretary to the Board of Selectmen and is responsible for meeting schedules, notices, agendas, minutes, and the publication of meeting actions for the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance. He also serves as the Risk Manager.


Tom Stadler, Administrative Officer  
Phone: 203-594-3002 

Pam Flynn, Executive Assistant



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet with the First Selectman?
Yes, the First Selectman maintains an open door policy, but it is always better to call in advance to schedule an appointment.

How can I request that an item be included on the agenda for a Board of Selectmen's meeting?
Email the Administrative Officer, or put your request in writing. If you are not sure whether your issue is a matter for the Board of Selectmen, call the office for a referral to the appropriate department.

May I attend Town meetings?
Yes, all Board and Commission meetings are open to the public. Although generally there is opportunity for public comment, if you want consideration of your issue, ask to be included on the agenda.

When do the various Boards and Commissions meet?
Meeting times and agendas are posted on the website and in Town Hall, outside the Town Clerk's office. Please check the Calendar on the home page. In addition, the local news papers publish meeting notices each week.

What do I do if my power is out?
Call Eversource emergency line 1-800-286-2000 to report a power outage and for information about restoring power at your particular location.

How do I get a parking permit and where can I park to catch the train?
Refer to the Parking Department page on this site for detailed information on parking in New Canaan.

What is the train schedule to New York?
Train schedules are available at the train station on Elm Street and on the Metro North website.

Where can I get information about school closings?
Cable News Channel 12 and area radio stations carry information about school closings. Information is also posted on the New Canaan School's website.