Planning & Zoning Subcommittee
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What We Do

This SubCommittee is tasked with reviewing the tasks assigned to Planning & Zoning within the Implementation Element of the POCD and recommending the appropriate course of action for each.   The Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) has primary responsibility for coordinating implementation of the Plan of Conservation and Development recommendations.  Initially, the Town decided that a Plan Implementation Committee (PIC) will be more effective at coordinating implementation of the Plan since there are many responsibilities outside of the Planning & Zoning Commission authority.  The (PIC) included representatives of various Town boards and commissions and was responsible for coordinating and monitoring implementation of the Plan.  (PIC) met over the course of 11/14 to 11/15 and after coordinating implementation with the responsible agency, it was determined that the most effective approach would be for a SubCommittee of Planning & Zoning Commission to oversee implementation of the plan. 

Who We Are

Jean Grzelecki
Jack Flinn
John Kriz
Laszlo Papp
Bill Redman
Claire Tiscornia
Kent Turner
Dick Ward 


Schedule of Meetings, Agendas & Minutes 

You may contact the SubCommittee by sending emails to the Town Planner @