Youth Sports Committee
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What We Do

The primary purpose of the Youth Sports Committee will be to help ensure that all non town-sponsored youth and other sports organizations utilizing town property, including but not limited to athletic fields and gymnasiums, employ the highest and best corporate governance, financial reporting and coaching practices. The Youth Sports Committee may make recommendations to the Parks and Recreation Department and the Board of Education, in their capacities as the direct responsible parties for the use of such fields and gymnasiums, with respect to those practices and their implementation by the various youth sports organizations. The Youth Sports Committee shall also serve as a liaison between and among the various youth sports organizations, the Board of Selectmen and other town bodies to encourage and support such practices. Above all, the Youth Sports Committee will put the safety and well-being of New Canaan youth sports participants first.
The Youth Sports Committee shall be comprised of five (5) voting members, each of whom shall serve one (1)-year terms. In addition, the Athletic Director of the New Canaan High School, the Director of the New Canaan Recreation Department, and the New Canaan Superintendent of Parks shall serve as ex officio members.

The Board of Selectmen, at its meeting on August 4, 2015 expanded the Youth Sports Committee to 7 members.

Mission Statement

The Youth Sports Committee's (YSC) goal is to help to create a positive experience for participants in non town-sponsored youth sports’ programs (YSGs) that utilize the town’s athletic facilities. Among other things, this includes:

Helping to facilitate a dialogue among these youth sports organizations to help encourage them to share and adopt best practices and work collaboratively with a view to providing a positive youth sports culture/experience.

Providing a neutral and, in certain cases, confidential forum for youth sports participants (i.e., parents, youth, coaches, board members, etc.) to discuss and otherwise express their views (positive and constructive) with respect to matters such as player and coach conduct, access to facilities, gender equity, the role of travel vs. house teams, demands on athletes time, multisport athletes, utilization of town facilities by non-residents, maintenance of the facilities, etc.

Assisting organizations in providing youth sports-related education.

Providing general oversight with respect to corporate governance, financial reporting and coaching practices.

While the YSC has no decision making authority (and is not a government body) it will - serve as a liaison between and among the YSG programs and share its perspective with Parks and Recreation, the Board of Education and the Board of Selectman to assist them in their efforts to set budgets, make policy, etc.


Sally Campbell
Tara Clough
Chris Robustelli
Garland Allen (added in 2015)
Tracey Karl (added in 2015)
Ted Shaker (added in 2016)
Mary Stanton ( added in 2016)

Steve Benko (Recreation Director - ex officio/nonvoting)
Jay Egan (Athletic Director - ex officio/nonvoting)
John Howe (Parks Superintendent - ex officio/nonvoting


Please check the Calendar of Events on the home page for meeting information or contact the Town Clerk's Office at 594 -3070.