Justice of the Peace
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Election of Justices


Two thirds of the candidates for Justice of the Peace are appointed by the two major political parties of the Town, the remaining one third is allocated for minor party members and unaffiliated voters and these are appointed by the Town Clerk.

Powers of the Justices of the Peace

Powers and duties of the Justices of the Peace are mandated by state statute, and are detailed in the 1997 Justices of The Peace Manual published by the Secretary of State of the State of Connecticut.

Commonly used powers of the Justices of the Peace include:

Performance of marriages
Administration of General Oaths
Authority to take the acknowledgement in the conveyance of real estate
Acknowledgement of primary and nomination petitions
Issuance of a subpoena in a civil action or probate proceeding 

For further information contact the Office of the Town Clerk: 203-594-3070